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I'm 21, Animation student in Bristol, England. I love getting messages and meeting the lovely tumblrians, so feel free to hit down a message. I'll post photos, reblog what I love and possibly even some of my artwork here! So enjoy, destroy and have a laugh while were still young!

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*NEW* Paintchat open

Hello fellow artist! For those of you how have heard paintchat’s, you will know exactly what the Paintchat.club is. However for those of you who have not heard of paintchat, here is a small insight.

Paintchat is an online run painting program which you can interact, draw in the same space and talk with fellow artists at the same time. This gives great opportunity for collaborations, roleplaying, practice and much more while meeting a great community!

In the last 10 years what had started as a large variety of communities with the paintchat applet have slowly dwindled to the spare few or broken rooms.

We welcome all new members to join in on the paintchat experience and would love to know those who are interested in joining in with the fun!

We will keep you updated regularly on the progress of the website and hope you will join in with the fun at www.paintchat.club/ !

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Finally coming out of the closet to your parents and all you get is-

'I knew anyway.'

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Been a while since I’ve taken a picture, I think I shall.

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